Wanderlust Defined…

As I had to fly to Amsterdam from Prague, I wondered why I didn’t make a trip out of visiting the Netherlands.  I know, I know…I can’t travel 24/7!  I was glad to visit the Amsterdam airport, though, as it was cool and it didn’t feel like an airport at all.  Instead, it felt like I was at an upscale mall with cool bars and restaurants.  I found out the Amsterdam airport was ranked #4 in the World for 2012 (according to Skytrax)  and I could see why.  The top three ranked airports in the world are all in Asia and I look forward to visiting them in the future. 

When I landed in Chicago, I was so, so lucky to have been a passenger of Bakry, a native from Guinea.  Besides being fluent in French, here are the places that he has traveled:

  • Mali
  • Ivory Coast
  • Sierra Leone
  • Burkina Faso
  • Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Republic of the Congo
  • Sudan
  • Chad
  • Cameroon
  • Paris
  • Milan
  • Brussels
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Cologne
  • Oxford
  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Copenhagen
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • New York
  • Washington, DC
  • Detroit
  • Kentucky
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago

Whoa, Bakry!  I had to ask him twice to make sure I got the list right.  I loved the fact that he gave me the list in the exact same order that he recited them to me the first time.   Then, when we passed by the huge sign that was advertising the upcoming lottery for $305 million, Bakry asked me what I would do if I won the jackpot.  I told him I would immediately go to Italy and spend an unlimited amount of time there, and then travel and see the rest of the world until I die.  When it came time for Bakry to answer he replied, “I would do the same.”  Of course, we exchanged phone numbers.  I will call him when I have to go to the airport or when I have to go to the painful ride up to the North Side of Chicago.  (Ha. Ha. My friends who live there will hate me for writing this as I’m a downtown city girl!)

As we came near to my address, Bakry and I discussed why we all must travel–to meet the different kinds of people of this world, to taste the different foods, to see the different cultures, and to explore the wonders of this world and all its beauty. Thus, Wanderlust…

Little Wanderlusters, I call them…
they EACH had their own wheeled luggage!
How adorable!

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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