The Purity of Love

Today is Valentine’s Day, and Love is on my mind.  Although I’m not in love with someone now, I have been in love, perhaps twice before.  My current love, Travel, is a far more passionate affair than the previous two.  Thinking about my current depths of passion for Travel, perhaps my previous “loves” were not love at all.  Perhaps they were just a relationship of convenience where it was much easier to be with someone than be alone.  Perhaps my prior loves were a relationship of need.  And maybe, just maybe, my prior loves were just relationships based on circumstances of:  why not?… there’s no one else better… he looks good on paper…or…I think this is love because everyone says he’s a prince and he will be a good provider…

What is love anyway?  Is it love when a woman marries a man for money but she convinces herself that she loves him purely?  Is it love when a man marries a much younger woman for her beauty?  Is it love when a woman wants to have a baby and she finds a suitable partner to carry out her main desire to be a mom?  Is it true love when the need for survival, need for companionship, desire for a bigger house, and the fear of being alone all together seem like good enough reasons for the proofs of love?  This is hard to say.  I wasn’t quite clear on what love was before but I do know what love is now.   Love is pure.  Love doesn’t compromise your integrity or your true being.  Love elicits feelings of sheer bliss.  Love makes you feel light hearted (and sometimes, light headed) and makes you feel as if you have some extra oxygen to help you breathe.  Love makes you feel like you’re floating above the clouds.  You feel invincible.  You feel fantastic!  You feel so damn lucky.  You feel so much joy and happiness in your life that time ceases to exist.  And whatever troubles you had before that seemed insurmountable are now, with love in your life, more easily tamed.  I am so lucky I have so much love in my life because I love Travel.  My life is Travel and Travel is my Love.

I Love Travel.
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of my photographs)

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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