A little Hygieia, please!

Hygieia by Gustav Klimt

As I travel around the world, I collect notebooks from every museum I visit. I always have to have something to write on by my side at all times and writing on a travel notebook from another country always makes me feel happy. It truly brings me back to that specific place and all the beautiful memories of the trip. So today I grab a fresh new notebook that I got at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. Pictured above, it shows the work by Gustav Klimt. I visited the museum solely to see THE KISS, and when I got to the bookstore after seeing all the art that I could see in one day, I found the above notebook and wondered if I missed the actual art inside the Belvedere as I have never seen it before. When I asked the store clerk if I should go back inside to possibly see the work of art, he said that was impossible because it was actually destroyed in a fire. I immediately cringed and felt sad that I could never see this is person. It is believed that in 1945 the painting was inside a castle, and the castle was set on fire by the German SS forces to prevent it from being in the enemy’s hands. Well, so I thought I should buy two of the notebooks instead of my usual limit of buying only one memento.

What I love about travel is the nostalgia that comes along with seeing the souvenirs. Yesterday I looked at my refrigerator magnet I got from Barcelona and my mind was brought back to the little shop across from the Park Güell where my friend and I each bought the magnet. I can still feel the hot and humid temperatures of that August afternoon last year and wished it was just as warm today as the temperatures in Chicago is only 43 degrees! Anyway, I look at the back of the notebook from the Belvedere Museum and see that it’s titled HYGIEIA who was the Greek Goddess of health, cleanliness, and hygiene. What a timely remembrance of Hygieia during these current times of the pandemic! Why I wasn’t aware of Hygieia when I was an Art History major and loved Greek mythology is beyond me.

As the world starts a new month I pray and hope that we become healthier and cleaner with a Goddess like Hygieia protecting us. As each day brings us closer to the world opening up, I can’t imagine what the new world will look like, especially in terms of travel, and I can’t wait to find out.

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