Granada the Great

Castles on the HIll

Castles on the Hill

If you ever dreamed of seeing the Alhambra, then of course, you must go to Granada, Spain.  As I booked this trip on a whim (as I usually do), I didn’t do too much research. I feel like this type of travel allows me to fully embrace my inner child, and the feeling is intoxicating. Nothing feels better than going back to the state of when you were a happy child, always smiling, always learning something new, and discovering something about the world.

My first day was spent in the beautiful hillside opposite the Alhambra called the Albaicín where the Moorish ancestry is felt. The cobble stone alleys are all up hill, and every villa, mostly all white, were decorated with flowers, gardens, and colorful tiles. There were orange trees, even. As every villa had high walls, I wanted desperately to knock on each door just so I could get a glimpse of the interior beauty. Instead, I took my time walking uphill and taking pictures at every step.   I love looking at the horizon in between buildings, and because the Albaicín is across from the Alhambra, the view was spectacular from every step and every corner.

When I got to the top to a place called the Mirador de San Nicolás, the views of the Alhambra were jaw dropping.  Two guitarists  were sitting on the walls of the overlook, and behind them  was the grandeur of the Alhambra.   Their passionate singing along with their guitar skills  immediately drew a crowd.  I realize now that  I will NEVER forget that moment because well,  yes, it was THAT spectacular as I felt like I was watching a movie on the big screen with surround sound included.  I can still hear the music as I write this.   As the sun was about to set, it made the Alhambra more beautiful if that’s even possible.  When the two guitarists were finished with their song that probably lasted 6 to 7 minutes, I approached them toward their open guitar case that had their CD’s as well as their too- little tip money, and I happily bought their music so that I could bring back a piece of that moment with me.

It was hard to leave the music but I needed to eat something. Right in front of me on the right side after the small dirt path that lead downward was a restaurant called El Balcón de San Nicolás. The views of the Alhambra were stunning, especially because the balcony/deck part almost jutted out so you felt suspended in air. They brought me a portion of olives along with my Spanish white wine while I decided on something. I decided that I will never have a better tasting olive back in the States. I can’t really describe the taste other than they were freakin’ delicious, and I don’t even like olives all that much. They were yellowish in color, and I was in love. Drinking my Spanish wine with that gorgeous view of the Alhambra as I watched the sunset on my very first day in Granada would go down as one of my all time favorite memories of travel. My first day in Granada couldn’t have been better. 💛  How lucky was I that the Alhambra was the next day!

Beautiful memories of my first day in Granada

Spanish wine and Spanish olives! 😍

Spanish wine and Spanish olives! 😍

Almost sunset

Almost sunset

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