Day 12 of a Month of Gratitude

il dolce far niente…

As I mentioned, Sundays are my favorite days. Since today is Easter Sunday I was looking through my photos to see which one I might want to post on Instagram. I kept looking for a photo of the inside of the so many churches I have traveled to in the world. The Vatican came to mind but because I was there seven years ago, and since the photos compared to my more recent trips look dated to today’s more current technology, I decide to just scroll through from the beginning of my travels to see what would inspire me. Of course, Turkey was the beginning of my wanderlust so I started there. I was so grateful for the date order of my photos from my iPhone as I looked through memory lane. I forgot that Prague was right after my Istanbul trip in May of 2012. And I didn’t realize until just now that Barcelona was only two months after. How did I ever manage to do three international trips in six months all by myself????!!!! Wow, I completely forgot. Maybe I’m surprised by this because of the fact that right now the world is in lockdown, and we can’t even plan any trips. But still, three international trips in six months solo… I’m repeating this as I truly cannot believe this happened. Or rather, I made it happen. I never realized how determined I was. I’m saying this in the past tense, I assume, because for an entire month now with this isolation from the coronavirus I feel completely helpless. So awful. It’s hard to recognize who you are if everything has been stripped away: employment, freedom, social interaction (a simple conversation in person!), a touch or a hug, and the list goes on and on for the basic joys of life in general.

But I must say that I have hope. With each passing day I know that it will take us closer to the day that this whole beautiful, absolutely stunning world will open back up for us. And I truly believe that our hearts will open bigger, too. With every darkness there is light. And since this current darkness is SO dark, the light ahead will be SO much brighter.

The photo above reflects my wishes, hopes, and desires for me as well as for the whole world’s future. It was taken in front of the Florence Cathedral on a Sunday (which I didn’t realize until JUST now) while I was just walking around by myself. There were so many people that day because the weather was nice, although it was in February. The Italians have a saying, “il dolce far niente,” which means the sweetness of doing nothing. Let’s practice this today (like do we have a choice, LOL?) and just BE and appreciate the day because I have strong faith that soon we will travel, be with loved ones, and appreciate the art, music, and the beauty of Life.

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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