Confessions of a Travel Addict

I woke up with the revelation that I am truly, a Travel Addict.  My addition is so bad that I would marry the next man who could recite the major airport codes to me out loud.  My problem is getting worse the more I travel.  Instead of feeling satisfied that I’m on a plane going somewhere, for example,  I think about my next destination and the next one after that.  I am sure I’m not the only Travel Addict so here are some signs that you, too, might be afflicted:

  • You always check air fares before going to bed and upon waking.
  • You check out cool hotels in cities all over the world just for pleasure.
  • You buy every travel magazine at the grocery checkout stands.
  • When
    going to the bookstore to buy one book for your next destination, you
    end up buying multiple books for multiple destinations.
  • Your passport is your most valuable asset.
  • When you meet someone new and they haven’t been anywhere, you don’t want to talk to them AT ALL.
  • Your idea of a perfect man or woman is how fat their passport is.
  • You view your travel stamps as a work of art.
  • KAYAK is your best friend.  (If you think Kayak is a boat, dear Lord, you have no reason for reading this blog!)
  • You ask every person where they are from and where they have been.
  • You cry when you leave for a destination and you cry when you return from a destination.
  • You laugh out loud when someone tells you they’re traveling…to Florida.
  • When it comes to buying things, you
    equate the item’s value to “Travel dollars.”  For example, instead of the $2,000.00 Italian suit or designer handbag, you would rather buy an
    international airfare.
  • You have multiple currencies in your wallet at all times.
  • Your idea of porn is looking at multiple travel websites.
  • You find maps and globes intoxicating.
  • You have multiple time zones and cities set on your iPhone’s World Clock.
  • You have multiple cities added on your iPhone’s Weather App.
  • Your idea of contestants for THE BIGGEST LOSER are people who don’t own passports.
  • You blog about travel.
  • You read other blogs about travel.
  • You would rather die than not travel.

Well, if you are a Travel Addict like myself, what are we to do about our afflictions but travel???

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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