PTTW (Post Traumatic Travel Withdrawal)

I can’t sleep.  I had dinner with a friend tonight and we shared our travel stories.  She went to Israel for two weeks with a quick stop to Petra.  Knowing that I was going to Petra in October, my friend handed me a travel binder of Jordan, and I couldn’t wait to come home to look at it.  As I flipped through the brochures, I came across the pages describing the Wadi Rum.  Also known as the Valley of the Moon, the Wadi Rum is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in Jordan.  I became extremely excited when I discovered that I can rock climb as well as go on a hot air balloon ride!  The balloon ride is on my bucket list, and I hope to be successful this time as I was scheduled for this a few years ago, only to be disappointed as the weather was bad and the balloon ride was cancelled.  The rock climbing levels require at least a Grade 3 in difficulty, and I’m not sure if I have enough time to train by October.  I have rock climbed indoors a few times over a year ago (perhaps 2 years ago), and I’m kicking myself now for not continuing.  I was discouraged because most of my girlfriends at the time were not adventurous, and you kind of have to go with a partner.  Why I didn’t ask a guy friend was beyond me.  I will find someone, a guy, to do this with so I can train for the Wadi Rum! 

Because my friend and I talked about travel tonight, I felt sad when I came home.  I missed Turkey as well as all the sensory experiences of traveling.  My mind traveled ahead toward my next trip to Petra.  Who will I sit next to on the plane?  What breathtaking experiences will I have?  What will astound me?  What new friends will I meet?  Will I experience awe as I did in Turkey?  Knowing that all these questions will be answered in time, I became despondent at the thought of waiting three whole months before traveling to Petra.  What WILL I do?  I feel like a caged animal right now waiting to escape free. I want to be free to roam, wander, discover, and explore the greatest of life’s pleasures. Yes, to travel…  

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I took a solo trip to Istanbul in May, 2012 that changed me forever. It started my passion for travel, and it also ignited my passion for photography. This blog was created to express and appreciate the beauty of life through my travels.
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