My second day in Lima was SO much better!  I went to the Parque del Amor (Park of Love) which overlooked the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and the view was absolutely stunning.  The breeze, the view of surfers and the never-ending ocean were the perfect combination that made me forget about the dismal day I had the day before.  The Park was full of lovers just sitting, kissing, or caressing each other, and at times I felt like I was intruding.  But my focus of photography made me quickly forget the others, and I was really happy about the much better day I was having. 

The walk along the ocean toward Larcomar, a shopping center with restaurants overlooking the Pacific, got me really excited about trying out a restaurant called Mangos.  I sat outside with the most gorgeous view, and the food was absolutely divine.  What made me smile was the corn in Peru as it looks like they are on steroids, and it made me giggle because the kernels were SO huge!  The presentation of all the beautiful potatoes, different salads, freshly made ceviche, multiple kinds of entrees of fish, chicken, and beef would make anyone salivate as well as ignore their diet.  I had a glass of white wine which made me feel fantastic, and so I quietly lingered over my food as well as the Pacific Ocean.  I felt so great, and I was so happy that it was such a stark contrast from the day before.  Things were looking up, and I was SUPER excited to be flying out to Cusco the next day.  Of course, all I could think about was Machu Picchu…

The large statue is
of a couple in an intimate embrace.

Look at the size of
the kernels of corn!

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