Instagram Addict

I think I’m in trouble.  Besides being addicted to travel, I think I’m addicted to Instagram.  This was inevitable, really, since when I travel, I absolutely love taking pictures.  Because I have  been kind of depressed about not knowing when or where my next trip will be, I have been poring over my travel pictures to make myself feel a little better as I relive each adventure with every picture that I look at again…and again.  It’s amazing how the pictures from my iPhone just transport me back to Italy  or Turkey, for example, in an instant.  The passion and excitement that I feel makes me immediately want to share that particular picture with the world, with a bit of filtering, of course.  I think it’s amazing (and addictive)  when the second I push the “Share” button, I get a “like” back immediately with my iPhone’s screen lighting up with a little orange heart at the bottom right corner of the screen. Most of the likes are from possible Instragram addicts like myself, and are from anywhere in the world.  I believe this is one big reason why I love  Instagram–I feel like I’m connected to this world the instant I get a “like” back.  The photo map of each person’s profile also adds to my delight of Instagram.  I get to see where the person has been, where they have traveled, and I get to check out their photos as well.  During this process I am shown the world, really, as each person’s picture gallery reveals their world, their reality, and their passions.  I am also shown the most awe-inspiring pictures, and I can learn different photography techniques that I can apply toward my future photographs…and this lights up my brain.  Yes, I guess there is no doubt that I’m addicted to Instagram.  Oh, and my iPhone just lit up to tell me that I have another new follower.  And, I have more “likes,” too!  Oy vey…addictions take up a lot of my time.  I guess I must go to tend to my addictions…

The good news is that
Instagram addiction is
cheaper than travel addiction…

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I took a solo trip to Istanbul in May, 2012 that changed me forever. It started my passion for travel, and it also ignited my passion for photography. This blog was created to express and appreciate the beauty of life through my travels.
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