Instagram Addict

I think I’m in trouble.  Besides being addicted to travel, I think I’m addicted to Instagram.  This was inevitable, really, since when I travel, I absolutely love taking pictures.  Because I have  been kind of depressed about not knowing when or where my next trip will be, I have been poring over my travel pictures to make myself feel a little better as I relive each adventure with every picture that I look at again…and again.  It’s amazing how the pictures from my iPhone just transport me back to Italy  or Turkey, for example, in an instant.  The passion and excitement that I feel makes me immediately want to share that particular picture with the world, with a bit of filtering, of course.  I think it’s amazing (and addictive)  when the second I push the “Share” button, I get a “like” back immediately with my iPhone’s screen lighting up with a little orange heart at the bottom right corner of the screen. Most of the likes are from possible Instragram addicts like myself, and are from anywhere in the world.  I believe this is one big reason why I love  Instagram–I feel like I’m connected to this world the instant I get a “like” back.  The photo map of each person’s profile also adds to my delight of Instagram.  I get to see where the person has been, where they have traveled, and I get to check out their photos as well.  During this process I am shown the world, really, as each person’s picture gallery reveals their world, their reality, and their passions.  I am also shown the most awe-inspiring pictures, and I can learn different photography techniques that I can apply toward my future photographs…and this lights up my brain.  Yes, I guess there is no doubt that I’m addicted to Instagram.  Oh, and my iPhone just lit up to tell me that I have another new follower.  And, I have more “likes,” too!  Oy vey…addictions take up a lot of my time.  I guess I must go to tend to my addictions…

The good news is that
Instagram addiction is
cheaper than travel addiction…

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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