Dream of Luggage

I had a bad dream, I think.  I believe I’m in fear of not going to Petra.  I’m not used to relying on others and following their lead, as I must do with this trip since I have to wait for my friends to buy their tickets first before booking my trip.  You see, they are going to Turkey first for a week or so and then I’m joining them in Petra.  I thought about going to Turkey with them, for a moment, but there are just too many places in this world that I want to visit.  I have to save myself for the rest of the world that I want to explore.  Because I’m waiting for my friends to book their trip, I guess I’m in fear that somehow, the trip will be cancelled or that maybe something will come up on their end to keep this trip from happening.   I don’t believe in too much planning ahead of time, and this trip being three months away makes me nervous.  Perhaps I’m just impatient.  Yes, that must be it. 

So about the dream I had last night…I was looking at my new Tumi luggage with the person who sold it to me.  I noticed some stains around the zipper area.  They were kind of sticky, gooey, liquid type stains and upon further inspection, there were more stains.  The more zippers I opened, the more stains.  So I took this dream as some sort of negative vibe (or that the trip might not happen).  I can’t explain why I feel this way or why I’m interpreting my dream this way.  Again, it’s probably because I’m impatient, and having the trip be three months away leaves much room for things to happen…i.e.–change of mind, change in plans for one reason or another, and just shit happening in general.

I had to look at my luggage again to make sure it’s clean and brand new.  I will post the picture here so you can be my witness that my dream was just a dream.

I don’t see any stains on my Tumi.

Here’s the YSL I mentioned. It’s actually blue but
looks black here.  You can’t see the
lizard texture, either, in this picture. 
But it’s the perfect carry on!

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