Turkish Delight, Perhaps…

So I got an email today from the Turkish doctor saying that he will be in Chicago sometime in March of next year.  I certainly didn’t expect this news as I thought, honestly, that I would never see him again.  My mind wandered back to the month of May when I took the trip to Turkey, and I even read my blog posts again to refresh my memory of what I shared with you, the readers of my blog.  Then, I craved the chocolate covered pomegranate and pistachio Turkish delight that I brought back with me as I didn’t enjoy enough of it since I gave almost all of it away to friends.  I will make sure to ask the Turkish doctor to bring some for me.  That is, IF I see him in March.  I say “IF” because March is the month of my birthday and I know, for sure, that I will take a trip to…somewhere.  The Turkish doctor does not know yet what the dates of his trip will be; he was just giving me a heads up.  He wrote, “…I’ll be very pleased to see you again….”  My active imagination fast forwarded to next March. (No need to post the slightly naughty thoughts here).  Then questions loomed again as they did back in May before meeting him for our lunch date.  This time my thoughts are:

1.  Is he asking me out on a second date?
2.  I look forward to wearing some killer heels (since I only had flat shoes in Turkey)!
3.  What will we do?
4.  WTF????

Well, March is 5 months away.  Anything could happen between now and then.  I will go to bed now with thoughts of Turkey, Turkish Delight, as well as all things that are just as sweet…

Can you say, “Sugar high?”
This place was just around the corner from
my hotel in Istanbul. 
OMG!  Now I crave the Turkish tea as I
imagine myself having Turkish delight! 

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