Tree of Life

Carla and I found out that May 15th was the last day we were both in Turkey, which was the day we ran into each other at the Kariye Museum.  It seemed like a strange coincidence that the Spice Bazaar was our last stop for both of us so we decided to just hang out for the rest of the day together.  We shopped around the Kariye Museum as it was less intimidating than at the Grand Bazaar.  The weather was nice for walking around and the prices seemed less, too.  We walked into a two-level store with the highest quality, hand made, hand painted ceramic pieces.  I was attracted to a bottle that reminded me of the “I DREAM OF JEANIE” bottle.  Not because of the way it looked but because it had a top that you can open, and I imagined, for some reason, that magical powers would be released upon opening it.  This is what Turkey does to you–you believe in things that do not make sense because all of your senses are extremely heightened, and you feel like you’re on some type of drug, almost!  Or you feel like it’s some type of dream.  After much “haggling” I decided to buy it. 

It was evident (and I was told by the sales woman) that my beautiful bottle reveals the Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life represents the evolutionary divergence of all living creatures.  The biblical reference should also be noted:  A tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit imparts eternal life (Gen. 3:22-24).   The sales woman also showed me that my bottle would glow in the dark.  After turning off all the lights, she showed me proof but because the store had windows, and although the blinds were drawn, the room wasn’t dark enough for me to really see the full luminescence.  I was excited, though, that I could actually see a little bit of proof that she wasn’t lying.  Back from Turkey one very early morning when I was still struggling with jet lag, I took my bottle to my bathroom and shut the door so it would be completely dark.  I wanted to see my bottle “light” up.  What happened next blew me away.  I even cried (yes, I did) because it was SO beautiful!  Not only did it light up but it lit up in the shape of the Tree of Life!  I know not how to describe what, as well as how, I felt upon this experience.  All I can say is, “Whoa!”  Unfortunately, I am only able to show my bottle in normal lighting as I tried numerous times to take a picture of it in the dark, only to fail.  I will absolutely (when I figure it out) post a picture later of my bottle in complete darkness so you can witness the glow, as well as, the WOW factor. 

Isn’t she pretty??!!

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