As I flipped through the news pages of Google today, I noticed a picture that looked exactly  like the one from my photo album.  I wondered why “my” picture of the Hagia Sophia was being used for an article.   The new discovery and theory of the origin of the Indo-European family of languages pointing to Anatolia, present day Turkey, doesn’t surprise me at all.  Neither does the theory that the language originated some 9,000 years ago there.  As I read the article, I accepted the fact that the picture they used was not mine at all, although it looked like it.  Then, a flood of memories came over me about all the spectacular experiences I had in Turkey.  And then, I looked at ALL the  pictures I took in Turkey.  I miss the amazing high that I feel when I travel.  I got extremely sad, like a little girl, because I cannot take another trip until January of 2013.  As I am committed to starting classes for my Master’s degree, I secretly wish that I cannot meet the application deadline for next week so I can take a trip instead.  Who knows? Maybe something will happen to keep me from starting classes this Fall.  Maybe I can start classes in the Winter, which means January…

As I am still distraught about my Petra trip being cancelled/postponed in October, I feel the effects of Post Traumatic Travel Withdrawal emerging.  As I am so, so sad, I look for every excuse to postpone the start of my Master’s program this Fall.  I check for flights and fares to different places.  I research cool hotels I want to stay at.  And I dream about all the places I want to travel to before I die…

Since Google has a picture of the Hagia Sophia on their website today, I, too, will post one here that is different than the ones I shared earlier in my blog..

The epitome of stunning architecture.
It was SO beautiful!

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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