After buying our souvenirs and having a nice lunch outdoors with a white tablecloth, Carla and I were forced to take a cab back toward Sultanahmet as the weather turned very windy all of a sudden with a thunderstorm looming.  It didn’t take long before we got completely soaked, both of us deciding to get out of the cab, choosing to walk instead of being motionless inside the cab as a result of terrible traffic from the rain. Somehow, getting completely soaked seemed, although miserable, fun at the time as I felt like a child.  I even laughed inside as we ran from building to building trying to dodge the rain, only to no avail as it was raining buckets!  I even enjoyed ruining my brand new pair of white Vince jeans as mud splattered on them while running from the rain.  Strangely, I didn’t care.  At all.  In fact now, back in Chicago, when I wear the same white jeans, with several stains slightly apparent up close, I wear them with pride.  After all, they were stained in Turkey and I will only have happy memories.  

Our next building would be to dry off while having some tea and a little dessert.  I suggested the dessert shop right near my hotel, a selfish request as I wanted to change into some dry clothes afterwards.  We went upstairs and sat by a sliding glass window which overlooked a small mosque with the Hagia Sophia as the backdrop.   Over some hot Turkish tea I wanted to share with Carla the email I got that day of the schedule for a surf school I found on the internet.  I never thought about surfing, really, until I fortuitously found a website of a surf school in Cabo San Lucas where you consume healthy food, practice yoga, and learn how to surf in a very beautiful location.  Now who wouldn’t want to do THAT?  The only thing I didn’t like about the school was that it was for women only, and WHO would want THAT?  Carla kind of asked me, “So you want to surf, huh?” After a resounding yes she tells me that SHE surfs and is also a yoga instructor so why don’t I just come to the Philippines and learn to surf there with HER????  WTF! I mean, come on!  I am NOT making this up, people.  So, in January of 2013 I will be going to the Philippines to surf with Carla!  I already have my bikini picked out. 

Now, if I begin to think about all the chain of events leading up to my future trip to the Philippines, I get a damn headache.  So would Carla. Trust me on this one.  Instead, I will just accept that this is a perfect example of KISMET…

Inside of sweet/tea shop.
Again, how pretty!

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