Kariye (Chora) Museum

The Kariye Museum, also known as the Church of the Holy Savior in Chora, shows the most beautiful mosaics and frescoes of the Byzantine era, illustrating scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary.  Although this former church lacks in size compared to the Hagia Sophia, for example, it more than makes up for it with it’s stunning beauty of the interior artwork.  I regret not hiring a guide for this museum since every single piece required extensive knowledge of the bible (in my opinion).  However, enjoying the sheer beauty and quality of the exquisite workmanship, again, more than made up for my regret.  Because the museum was much smaller, you can actually see the detailed handwork of the mosaics, for example, with much better clarity.  The presence of God was undeniable yet once again. 

Let me share what EXQUISITE beauty is:

This is a close up of a mosaic from one of the domes.

Simply put…WOW!

This fresco had SUCH depth of color!

As I was leaving the museum, I bumped (literally) into Carla, a woman I bonded with during the Ephesus tour two days prior.  We left the museum to discover our next few adventures together.  As it was our last day in Turkey with only a few hours left, we decided to squeeze every ounce of juice out of this AMAZING journey…

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