Day 24 of a Month of Gratitude

The Reclining Buddha in Bangkok
(photo taken on 2/9/15)

I have been having some strange sensations during my recent meditations. After what I assume when I’m in a deeper state of meditation my head tilts upward and I begin to see a very beautiful, warm, golden light, and I even feel something at the crown of my head. Of course, not understanding what this experience is or means, I Google it. It appears that this is a positive sign of increasing my spirituality as well as opening up my third eye. 🤔

I have always had high intuitive skills but pushed them aside choosing to listen to my logical left brain. But ever since my mom died about a year and a half ago I have been meditating frequently which actually helps the two hemispheres of the brain communicate better. Also, I think my meditation is my way of honoring my mom as well as her Buddhist traditions. As I think of her now I see her in my mind’s eye praying among large Buddha statues, and I can even smell the incense burning. Because of the golden light that I experienced in my meditation I thought of the enormous gold Reclining Buddha in Bangkok which is the photo above. It stands 15 meters tall and 46 meters long and it’s a must-see in life. Of course, I wish I was back in the warmth of Thailand right now instead of being in isolation from the pandemic for 41 days. As we all know nothing stays the same, and since this current world situation is as bleak as it gets, I’m gratefully awaiting the positive changes that are ahead.

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I took a solo trip to Istanbul in May, 2012 that changed me forever. It started my passion for travel, and it also ignited my passion for photography. This blog was created to express and appreciate the beauty of life through my travels.
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