Shoes for Prague

Once again, I’m having footwear issues.  The cobble stone streets of Prague require that I wear comfortable and safe shoes.  I cringe at the thought.  Why can’t I be normal by wearing what’s required and be happy?  And why can’t I be happy traveling to Hawaii or some laid back place instead of wanting to travel to exotic locales like Petra, for example?  I have a thought.  Why don’t I buy shoes that I LOVE and then travel to a place that will accommodate them?  Well, that would be a completely flat surface, smooth with no texture, which must be conducive for walking in very high, beautiful heels.  But wait.  The place sounds VERY boring.  Flat. Safe. So not me.  I guess my wanderlust overrides my lust for shoes.  Oh, well.  A girl can dream.  I dream of having an overabundance of hot, sexy heels to travel with.  Until then, I will be satisfied with safe (yawn) shoes to wear to exotic locales…a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the sake of travel.

This looks so dangerous! 
Luv them…

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