No Choo’s?

I have a terrible confession to make about traveling to historical places like Petra.  I have to wear comfortable, sensible shoes…AND I DON’T WANT TO!  As I was told I must wear closed toe shoes that will withstand all the dirt, pebbles, and rocks (in other words, “comfortable” which means “ugly”), I actually started to have doubts about going on this trip.  Maybe I can just wear my Jimmy Choo’s and have the camels carry me toward the entrance.  Maybe I can wear the comfy (again, UGLY) shoes outdoors but change into the high heels when inside.  Oh, and you should see the disgusting shoes you must wear when rock climbing!  I forgot how unattractive they are!  But, if I want to not fall and slip, I guess I will have to wear the fugly shoes while rock climbing…and walking around Petra. 

But this pair of shoes below would match EVERYTHING as it has glitter of every color!  See?  It goes with every outfit and every color as it is a neutral.  Please see my point and kindly agree:

                           Very neutral, as you can see…                            Has every color so it will

                                                                            go with everything!

But I just had a thought, a vision.  I am approaching to get on a camel with my heels on and the camel will not let me get on its back.  It’s laughing at me as he morphs into a 3-D cartoon character laughing its head off.  Then, other people (as well as all the other camels) turn towards me and start pointing and laughing at me.  Some tourists fall off their camels and blame me, of course, claiming that I am a distraction and that I’m causing a disturbance. Then, some guards come towards me and grab me by the arm and insist that I go back to America.  They yell at me that Americans don’t know how to dress appropriately and that I should be thrown out of their country for causing a disturbance in their holy land…

…Well, I guess I can’t have it all.  I cannot expect to go to Petra AND wear high heels.  But I honestly cannot think of what kind of shoes to wear.  What do you wear, for example, walking on a desert?  It seems like the terrain would be all sand, gravel, and rocks so…who knows? 

This is what’s absolutely great about travel.  You experience things (although, wearing ugly shoes is NOT my thing) that you haven’t experienced before.  On this note, I can’t wait to wear ugly shoes in Petra.  I just have to go find a pair…

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