Boots for Petra

I found my footwear for Petra.  They’re boots so they will, for sure, keep all the gravel and sand out.  I still can’t say that my camel ride will be easy because these boots have a circular buckle on the side with a horse motif, and I’m not sure my camel would like this.  I don’t know, but do camels and horses get along?  Plus, the buckle is a shiny silver, and I hope that, too, won’t scare the camel that I will ride on.  I decided to wait a few days to make sure I want them.  I mean, I want them, of course, but when you have wanderlust, you prioritize the value of things by “travel” dollars.  Do I want to spend $1,650.00 on a pair of boots, for example, or is it more wise to put the money toward an airline ticket?  You get the idea.  Naturally, I HAD to find a way to get these damn boots.  I still haven’t forgotten that a certain Mr. No Music Man (will tell story of his nickname later in my blog) owes me a pair of shoes.  I won’t tell you at this time (I don’t want you to judge me) why he owes me a pair of shoes but trust me, HE OWES ME A PAIR OF SHOES.  So I texted the picture of the boots to him and, of course, he likes them and thinks that I would look great in them.  DUH!  He wrote back that he will go to Gucci next week to check them out.  Of course, I was hoping that he would go tomorrow.  Until then, I will dream of wearing these boots to Petra… 

I almost wish I wasn’t afflicted
with wanderlust…otherwise,
I would be sleeping with
these on tonight…

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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