Good bye, Morocco


My last breakfast in Morocco

I disagree with Shakespeare….parting is NOT such sweet sorrow.  There is absolutely nothing sweet about a good bye.  For me saying good bye to a place feels like all the good byes of my entire lifetime befalling on me all at once.  Unlike many travelers who love a place and plan to return sometime in the future, I have no intention of returning to a place more than once (except for Turkey).  That is why my good byes are so devastatingly sad:  they are truly final.

My very last day in Morocco was simply beautiful.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and my day was full of love, generosity, kindness, hospitality, friends, laughter, amazing Moroccan food, shopping at the Medina of Rabat, and,  it ended with a vision of a beautiful sunset at Rabat’s Bouregreg Marina.  This was followed by my “Last Supper” that would put all the top chefs of the world to shame: a whole sea bass floating on potatoes, zucchini, onions, peppers, yellow squash, and my absolute favorite: plump little tomatoes stuffed with rice!  And all the Moroccan spices!  I savored my last cup of Moroccan tea.  When I couldn’t drag out any more moments onto the day, the good bye hugs ensued.  Again, Shakespeare was wrong.  Parting is simply, sorrow.

Goodbye, Morocco

Goodbye, Morocco

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