Last Day in Prague

I woke up exhausted, not wanting to get out of bed.  But it’s my last day in Prague so I forced myself.  I was mistaken in thinking that it would be easier to write while traveling.  After wandering the streets of Prague for 8 to 10 hours a day, again, on foot only, it is difficult to write after dinner, especially with a glass or two of red wine.  

Here are a few things I experienced yesterday:

1.  Went to Sternberg Palace to see the best collection of European art in the country, only to be disappointed after finding out that Rembrandt and El Greco’s section was closed.  However, seeing Albrecht Durer’s THE FEAST OF THE ROSARY, along with many others too numerous to name, made up for the loss.

2.  Saw, yet, ANOTHER BRIDE on the streets.  I was lost going to Sternberg Palace where I saw her.  She was the most beautiful of the three brides I saw in Prague.

3.   Went on the Charles Bridge for the second time where I saw a parent pulling his two kids on a wheeled cart.  Cute picture below.

4.  Saw numerous locks on the bridge which is well known in Europe.  The story behind these locks is that two lovers make a promise to each other to be together (let’s not get carried away by saying “forever”) by meeting on the bridge, then closing the lock, and then throwing away the key on the water below.  We should do this in Chicago!

5.  Went to visit the guy from the day before who asked me to stop by to get a copy of his music that I loved.  He gave me his own personal copy!  When I asked how much I could pay him, he wouldn’t accept a penny.  His name is Yani.  Thank you, Yani!

6.  Bought many hand made glass pieces with the designs of Gustav Klimt on them.  Stressed out now as I don’t know WHY I bought so much, and don’t know HOW I’m going to carry them back without breaking.  Why the hell didn’t I ship them???  Oy vey…

So glad I got lost… Mala Strana is beautiful!
Isn’t she GORGEOUS???

Look at the sculpture…

Yes, little people like to
sight see, too!  Awww….

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