Finding Nemo…in Prague

I’m in my Prague hotel room now after a long day of travel.  With a seven hour time difference plus a 12 hour travel time, along with getting to the airport at least two hours ahead, I am exhausted beyond measure.  When I came into my room, I saw a little note on the desk that said that I may have my own little goldfish while staying here to keep me company.  Wow!  What a country!  I buzzed the front desk right away.  About an hour later a young man came to my door with a little fish tank with a healthy goldfish inside!  I named him Nemo.  In the Asian culture it is good feng shui to have any kind of fish in the home.  I can tell already that my trip will be a great and memorable one. 

I will leave you with these pictures that I took just now, walking in the streets near my hotel after having lunch with my plane mate, a Jewish woman, and her son.  She is visiting her son as he moved here from San Francisco about a year and a half ago.  We sat outside in a side cafe under the beautiful sunny skies.  I absolutely find it amazing that when you travel, you meet fast friends.  The three of us are going to the bone church at Kutna Hora tomorrow.  I can’t wait…

Nemo is adorable!

                        Can you believe there’s even a                     One of the many spires…gorgeous!
                         Korean restaurant in Prague?                 

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