Breakfast in Prague

I am at the breakfast room at the Hotel Maximilian in Prague.  The decor is very bright, clean, modern, and mostly white.  I was greeted by Vilem, the smiling young man who brought me my fish yesterday.  He asked about Nemo.  I told him that I woke up at 4 in the morning in a panic because I forgot that all the electricity was turned off, leaving the poor fish’s bubble machine to be off as well.  Here in Europe many hotel’s room electricity is turned on/off by the room’s key card.  You put it in a slot and it turns everything on/off.  So after jet lag and no sleep, I, of course, didn’t think about the bubble machine that supposedly would keep Nemo alive (I didn’t think goldfish needed this air system???).  When I told Vilem that I thought I might have killed Nemo, we both laughed.  Thankfully, I told Vilem, I found Nemo to be alive when I turned on the light (I was scared to turn on the light because I really, truly, thought I killed him). 

After indulging in an omelette, almost an entire loaf of bread, fruit, juice, muesli, two pots of Earl Grey tea with honey, and then a pot of loose leaf green tea with grapeberry (made by Vilem!), I am ready to face the day.  I have about four hours until I take off for Kutna Hora.  I am staying at an area called the Jewish Quarter so I will walk around here for a bit.  Stay tuned as I will have great stories to tell along with some amazing pictures…

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