As I have to get a copy of my college transcript for the application process of my Master’s degree, I was forced to look through some old boxes tonight for the hope of finding it.  Without luck, I found volumes of my old hand-written diaries instead, as well as love poems from an old boyfriend.  After reading the poems I found it very strange that I turn to the pages that pertained to this same ex-boyfriend in my old diary.  A flood of memories came over me.  What is noteworthy about my meeting him the very first time is that during that day I went to Border’s and saw a copy of THE ALCHEMIST as well as THE ALCHEMY OF LOVE.  In my diary I wrote that I thought of ANOTHER ex-boyfriend by the name of “Tim” who was a chef, and that this chef’s dream was to open a restaurant called ALCHEMY.  And again, strange as it may seem (to the point that you may not even believe me) I was thinking that day (according to my diary), “what if I end up dating another “Tim?”  Well, that night (again, according to my diary) I ended up meeting another “Tim” at Whole Foods.  Can you believe we ended up living together for a year? 

Fast forward to the present moment.  I must now tell you about seeing signs of ALCHEMY in Prague.  Thank goodness I took pictures for this would not seem like I’m telling the truth.  You see, whenever I see the word ALCHEMY, I think of the chef.  I think of passion, and perhaps, love.  I think of the day we went to the Shedd Aquarium and then going to Cafe Spiaggia and having a wonderful meal…with a glass (or two?) of champagne.  I think of coming back to my place and taking a nap (just a nap, I swear) and spooning on my couch.  I remember him being cuddled behind me where his heart was beating so loud that I could feel it thumping against my back.  Neither of us fell asleep that afternoon but we both pretended to.  Wow.  Such vivid memories and the sensory experiences that go along with these memories astound me.

I don’t know what to make of all the flood of thoughts right now.  I guess we can all contemplate and hope for the magic of ALCHEMY in our beautiful lives…

The Alchemy Gallery at Mala Strana, where I got lost.
Of course, the sign intrigued me so I HAD to go inside.

This is also in Mala Strana and is
The Alchymist Prague Castle Suites.

The front of the Alchymist…its serene facade
spoke to me where I was inspired to take this picture.
If you have been reading my blog about Turkey,
this is a strange and unbelievable coincidence that this mansion is called,
“At the Turk’s Head!”

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