The Feast of Tangier

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I will call him David.  I was supposed to meet David, the Moroccan doctor that I met the night before, at a bar called Morocco Club which was very close to my hotel in Tangier.  I was absolutely starving so I decided to go there a little early so I could have an appetizer or two before meeting him.  Since my hotel was in the Medina I felt a bit uneasy walking there in the dark by myself.   When I stepped out of my room, an older gentleman was just coming down from the hotel lounge where I spent the night before.    As I was turning my room key to lock it, the gentleman and I greeted each other since the stairway was very narrow and one couldn’t avoid acknowledging each other.   I asked the man if he knew where this place called Morocco Club was.  As I write this,  even I don’t believe what happened next.    He said that he was just going there and that he and his brother would walk me there.  The two men in their sixties were from Belgium, and they couldn’t be friendlier.  As we walked there the elder of the two men told me that they were in Tangier to golf, and that Morocco Club was owned by his friend whom he hasn’t seen in 15 years, and that they were having dinner there in the fine dining room.  As we entered lounge area downstairs, the place had a very cool vibe, and the three of us took seats at the bar.  The elder Belgian man ordered a bottle of French white wine, and the three of us raised our glasses for one of the best toasts of my life.  They ordered some appetizers and insisted that I share, and of course, I happily did.  When they ordered a second bottle of wine, I had to stop myself.  I didn’t want to be drunk when David got there.  And sure enough, after I declined the amazing French wine that I surely wanted more of,  David walked in.  He was probably surprised, as any man would be, to see me at the bar with two new men drinking, eating, laughing, and looking so damn happy!  And yes, I was SO happy.  When I travel solo, I feel so free.  There are no schedules, no rules, no job to attend to, no to-do lists, and no time constraints to adhere to.  I am completely free, and my happiness, I feel, attracts these amazing adventures of meeting new people where great things happen.

Alas, it came time to say good bye to the Belgians since their fancy dinner was awaiting upstairs.  As the elder Belgian man gave me his contact information, he said he would take me on a food and wine tour whenever I decided to visit him.  What an amazing and kind gesture!  When you meet people abroad and exchange contacts, you never know if you will ever see each other again.  However, there is always a certain bond, and I always believe and hope that we will meet again somewhere in the world in the near future.

David and I caught up on each other’s day, and after a couple more appetizers and one more drink, we were on our way to dinner and some belly dancing.  (That is, watching the belly dancer and not actually partaking in it. LOL.)  The restaurant of the Mövenpick Hotel had a tented theme, and we were seated in a very large round table.   Of course, we had a feast.  The Moroccan people are very hospitable, and David made sure that I got a taste of everything.  When we were done with our meal, the belly dancer still didn’t perform so David asked the waiter for her to come out.    I don’t know why I had visions of several women dancing for us (probably because the restaurant was very large) so I was disappointed when only one dancer came out to entertain us.   She had fair skin and dark hair, and as we watched her gyrating hips, I, too, wished I could move my hips like that!

It was close to midnight, and I was exhausted.  David wanted to go somewhere else but I didn’t want him to think that I was going to sleep with him.  I am not that kind of girl.  Really.  When he dropped me off at the hotel in his car, he said that he would see me the next day for dinner.  Okay, then.  Since I didn’t have any plans, and I love to eat, why not?

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