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I have been meditating for about a year and a half now, but what I experienced today during my 40 minute practice was something out of the ordinary.  I’m going to describe it in words here but it’s difficult to express something I’ve never felt or experienced before.  Besides, how do I explain something when I don’t even know what it was exactly?  But here goes…

I was meditating when all of a sudden I felt like I was tapped or nudged by someone/something.  I felt like I was immediately woken up from a nap/sleep, only my eyes were still closed from my meditation.  I was aware that I was still in meditation when I felt like I was seeing the following visions through my forehead (like there was a projector on my forehead!)  My spirit felt like it was leaving my body and hovering over an ocean.  I could see and hear the waves below me, and the golden sun felt gentle, kind, and nurturing.  I truly felt like my spirit/soul left my body and I was fully aware that my body was below me while I (my spirit/soul) hovered above.  It was like I was witnessing this outside of my physical body that was meditating below me!  I could even feel that I was smiling and aware of my physical sensation of the smile, yet my spirit was floating above me and witnessing this whole experience.  I tried to bask in the warmth of this feeling as well as the warmth of the sun knowing full well that this high, this state, this whatever ecstasy was temporary.  It was like I had two levels of existence and I was very conscious of it,  and I was fully alert and aware.   When I came out of my meditation I felt fulfilled somehow, and  I even felt a deeper connection to the world if this makes any sense.

Has anyone else experienced this state before during your meditation practice? Please reach out to me if you have and tell me what it was.   It was such an amazingly cool feeling!

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