Day 16 of a Month of Gratitude

The future looks big and bright…

Writing every day is hard. Every writer knows about “writer’s block,” and I think many, if not most, have experienced it at some point in their careers, even famous authors like Leo Tolstoy, Toni Morrison, J.K. Rowling, and Jack London to name a few. As I realized this morning that I have been writing every day on this blog for 18 days in a row, it dawned on me that I have learned a tool, THE tool, for what to do to CREATE CHANGE in my life, and I hope this will help you, too.

This tool is to commit to consistency. Because I have all this time now from the social isolation of the coronavirus, I committed (ha ha) myself this whole month to write every day about gratitude. Of course, it’s not easy to write about gratitude during this crazy and stressful world crisis, but I MADE myself do it until a light bulb just went off on this 18th day of consistent writing. What I learned through this process is that this commitment to consistency starts with just ONE thing you can do daily toward your goal. (Also, it helps to write the goal down on paper or make it a recurring event in your phone’s calendar.) If you want to lose weight, for example, write down that ONE thing you can do every day. Eat just ONE thing less than what you want to or do just ONE sit up or push up. Then the next day try and do it again. After a few days of repeats you will likely get tired or bored with just doing only the one thing, and you will WANT to do a little more. So you move on and incrementally increase that one thing or action until you know instinctively that it’s time to move on. Of course, there will be days when you won’t want to do a damn thing at all. We’ve all been there. But I learned that NOT taking action made me feel so much worse than enduring the discomfort of actually the taking action. I repeat: NOT TAKING ACTION MADE ME FEEL SO MUCH WORSE THAN ENDURING THE DISCOMFORT OF ACTUALLY TAKING THE ACTION. This was a pivotal moment as I realized that I have a choice in every moment, and actually pausing and thinking about how I WANT to feel (to feel better about myself or worse?) was such a huge shift in my awareness toward the road to having the power to change. And the true magic that happens when you reach this point is that you have created a HABIT. As you know, habits are very hard to break. When you reach this point of habit you will feel proud of yourself for reaching that milestone, and that milestone of habit will fuel your next desire or goal to propel you to move forward with confidence to improve your life.

As I realized today that I have reached that magic point of creation of the habit of writing, I have reached two other milestones in my life, thanks to the coronavirus isolation. (I can’t believe I’m thanking the coronavirus!) I have worked out for 32 days in a row (but skipped one day as I had to choose between meditation or yoga), and I have meditated for 32 days in a row but skipped one day to do yoga instead. As I choose to focus on seeing the good during this world crisis, I am grateful for my light bulb awareness of my commitment to improving myself, my life! When this is all over, I will be ready to show up with a better version of myself to the world. I hope to meet you there.

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