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I woke up and immediately called Lakeshore Athletic Club on Stetson, the last place I climbed the indoor rock.  I was sad at the news that they were closed and out of business.  It would take too much effort, I thought, to find another place further away to improve my climbing skills before Petra.  Perhaps I am too eager.   After all, I only climbed the indoor wall, and I’m sure climbing the outdoor rocks would be much different, as well as much more dangerous.  This might be a sign that I should slow down, not be too eager (yeah, right), and not rush into things.  Besides, I don’t want to have a fall and die in Petra (although I would rather die while traveling and doing something I love rather than die in a boring way, at home, doing something mundane).  Anyway, I decided to take things slow and see what happens.  If I find another place I can take lessons, so be it.  Hot air ballooning will be enough for now.  I am going to Petra after all, and that should be more than enough!

As I was catching up on old emails/texts that needed to be replied to, I followed up on a text that Guitar Hero sent two months ago when we were texting back and forth about Turkey, as he is a big traveler himself, and he’s been there.   He told me about the “guitar vacations” in the upcoming year.  These “guitar vacations” are guitar classes on some huge estate somewhere in Europe (location to be announced later) where students take guitar lessons with catered food with some bar nights in between.  Can you say, “Sign me up?”  Hello?  This is a no brainer.  I looked at my guitar in the corner of my room, collecting dust.  I actually hydrate my guitar (don’t ask) but haven’t taken a lesson in, what, two years?  I guess I have to take up lessons again so I don’t embarrass myself at the “guitar vacation.”  Whoa.  I have so much to do to prepare for my trips!  My head is spinning with excitement right now.  I no longer feel like a caged animal tonight as I did the night before.  I look forward to September 10, as this is the date that I’m having drinks with Guitar Hero.  I will find out more about the upcoming “guitar vacation” as well as catch up where we left off last time. 

Another exciting thing that happened tonight is that during dinner, sitting outside with my dear friend under the gorgeous weather, we ended up talking to the ladies at the table next to us.  It was a mother and daughter who were visiting from Bogota, Colombia.  My friend and I entertained the idea of visiting them in December, which is the month of my friend’s birthday.  Of course, I’m game.  I must wait for my friend to decide, though.  Damn.  Here I go again feeling like a caged animal.  I hate waiting…

Life is so fantastic if you allow it to be.  Things happen, you meet people along the way, and you just explore the paths that take you there.  Meeting Carla and going to the Philippines, having a conversation with strangers at dinner and maybe visiting their country, taking guitar lessons and maybe taking a “guitar vacation,” and going to Turkey because of meeting an “Italian Dragon.”  Life is SO fantastic!!!

Just dusted off my guitar
and hydrated it. Do you like my
leopard guitar strap?

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