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There are too many things I want to write about.  Sometimes the best things about a place are things that happen during the trip as opposed to seeing the actual building or famous site.  I wish I could share everything but since we don’t have all the time in the world, I will highlight a few things that happened in Prague.

1.  Went to Prague Castle and met an Italian named Luigi because he asked me to take his picture.  We decided to go up to the top of St. Vitus Cathedral together not knowing it would be a never ending spiral staircase without ANY landing at all!  It ended up being a continual 287 steps of which neither of us was prepared to take.  Without exaggeration it felt like someone was twirling us nonstop while making us climb the stairs–that’s how narrow the staircase was.  It was SO ridiculous that we were constantly laughing all the way up to the top.  We will never forget his!

2.  Saw a couple who just got married at Prague Castle and it looked like a fairy tale, especially across from a famous church.

3.  Saw another couple one day later on Prague Castle grounds who, again, just got married.  I was walking up near the vineyards of the Castle and I couldn’t resist taking a picture from behind. 

4.  Having a woman and her young son walk me toward John Lennon’s Peace Wall (I was lost) and hearing students practice their pianos through the open windows.  The woman told me it was a school for blind students, which made me tear up!

5.  Hearing a knock at my hotel door today at Hotel Maximilian and having a gentleman ask me if Nemo’s water needs to be changed.  I was SO floored when he offered this! 

6.  Seeing a basset hound puppy, 3 months old, walk in front of me with his ear dragging on the ground because his ears were too long for his little body!

7.  Hearing amazing music in front of a store along the streets which stopped me cold.  When I went inside, the guy offered to make a copy of the CD so I can just pick it up tomorrow.  (his business is NOT music related at all)

8.  Hearing a beautiful violin being played and finding out that it was a teenage boy with his girlfriend by his side.  He was SO amazing that I heard his violin from above the vineyard, and I HAD to find him.  When I got there, he was packing up to leave but I felt lucky to have heard his music, although briefly.

9.  Being reminded by the above story to tell you about Daliborka Tower, which I saw yesterday at Prague Castle.  It is a prison named after the first prisoner, Daliborka, a young knight who was sentenced to death for sheltering some serfs.  He learned to play the violin in the dungeon (which I saw and have pictures of), and people would come near his window cell and listen to him play and offer him food and water as most prisoners were often left to starve to death.  This story also inspired a famous opera. 

Now, just a few pictures…will update with more stories and more pictures later.

A bride and groom by the vineyard of Prague Castle.


           John Lennon’s Peace Wall                                A view over a glass of wine.  Beautiful! 

A view from the Prague Castle grounds.

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