The colors of Hope

As the news of reopening plans are starting to show, I feel such a strong sense of hope along with happiness. The weather in Chicago was beautiful yesterday, and today it’s going to be sunny AND sixty degrees! šŸ˜Ž Oh, and there is even a full moon today called the Full Flower Moon so I look forward to seeing it right in front of my window tonight. How lucky I am! I have connected so much with nature during my entire isolation from COVID-19, and I feel so grateful. As strange as it may seem, I will miss all the time I had to myself when I get back to work and normal life. I’m thinking I might be back to work in about three weeks or so. Until then, I will enjoy all the time that I have left because everything is temporary.

About Blogatrixx

I took a solo trip to Istanbul in May, 2012 that changed me forever. It started my passion for travel, and it also ignited my passion for photography. This blog was created to express and appreciate the beauty of life through my travels.
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