A Month of Gratitude: Day 18

Finally! Blue skies and sunshine!

It’s amazing how the weather changes so drastically from one day to the next, especially here in Chicago. Yesterday was snowing and depressing, and today is all sunshine! 😎 I knew I had to go for a run although it was only about 45 degrees. I felt the absolute NEED to run, even though I’m not really a good runner. When I came out into the sun it felt SO good. Really, really good. It felt so good I wanted to push myself farther than the usual three miles right from the beginning. But when the time came I was hesitant and was looking for a push, an inspiration. That’s when David Goggins came to mind. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s the man who endured against all odds and became a Navy SEAL as well as an ultra athlete. If you need some inspiration in your life you must read his bestselling book, CAN’T HURT ME. What came to my mind after I surpassed mile three was that David Goggins ran a 100 mile race with broken bones near the end, if you can believe it. Of course, I had no desire to run that far because I’m really not a runner. It’s just because of this damn coronavirus that’s making me do different things to stay in shape. So when my legs felt like two big pieces of lead at mile four, I had to go farther because I didn’t have broken bones so I had no excuse. I can go a little more. When I reached mile five I was happy. I never went that far non stop on concrete before. But the thought of David Goggins along with my anger at the coronavirus (I didn’t know I was angry until then) gave me the extra push to reach 6.1 miles non stop!

As I slowed down to walk back under the perfect blue sky, I decided to stretch my legs near the river and was surprised that the spot wasn’t closed off. I was actually shocked and giddy with delight. The stretching was so healing as I sat by the stairs by the river and watched the sunlight dance on the small currents. At that moment I didn’t feel the heaviness of the world pandemic at all. So I tilted my head toward the sunshine, closed my eyes, and felt immense gratitude while I allowed the incredibly satisfying warmth of the sun engulf me with pleasure.

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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