“The Bean” in Chicago

I had to visit a new dentist today right across from Millennium Park.  The view from the dental chair was absolutely stunning, especially since the weather was so beautiful.  When I walked out of the building, I decided to take a picture or two of “The Bean” as I never had the opportunity to take a good shot before. Today was no exception as tourists were making dorky poses which I did not want in my pictures.   I have no idea why, for example, that a guy was posing and grimacing pretending to be The Hulk.  Trust me, he was no Lou Ferrigno.  Instead, he was a skinny Chinese man with Harry Potter glasses.  I rolled my eyes but they couldn’t see this as I had sunglasses on.  What a shame! 

Cloud Gate, nicknamed “The Bean” for the bean-like shape, is a sculpture designed by Anish Kapoor.  The inspiration for the piece was liquid mercury, and the piece is seamless to the eye.  The city’s skyline is reflected, beautifully so, and the massive sculpture ended up costing $23 million dollars instead of the initial estimate of $6 million. It is worth seeing, of course.  As I wanted desperately to stay much longer to take better pictures, I had to rush back to work.  I vowed, though, to come back another day to take better shots of The Bean.  Until then, the two pictures will have to do…

It kind of looks like my Tiffany’s
bean necklace.

Very cool.

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