Little Blackhawk, Yoga, and Fireworks in Chicago

I have been lax lately in going to yoga so I looked forward to being punished by the “Yoga Nazi.”  She has no idea that this is how I refer to her.  I am sure that if I shared this with others in my class that they would all agree.  As I haven’t done yoga in about three weeks or so, I didn’t know how I would finish the class as the first chaduranga made me quiver.  I could tell that this class would be hideous!  The Yoga Nazi seemed to take pleasure in the fact that I had to take a few breaks, and I swear she made the class harder than ever just so she could punish me for not showing up for class for awhile now.  She makes mental notes on who misses class, I believe.  After punishing me for an hour, I was ecstatic to get the hell out of there.  Upon approaching the elevator a group of 3 to 5 year olds were all approaching the elevator as well.  They were all led by their summer camp counselors and were lined up against the wall waiting for the elevator doors to open.  Then all of a sudden I hear a kid shout, “WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!”  (You can hear the song in your head, right?) It put a smile on my face as I was so caught off guard in hearing a 3 year old sing a Queen song that is well over 30 years old!  I looked at him and asked, “How do you know THAT song?” The little kid stared back at me but didn’t answer.  Instead, his camp counselor simply replied, “You know…hockey.”  As we all got in the elevator, the adorable kid kept repeating the same phrase from the song annoying his little friend.  The friend asked him to stop singing in which the boy responded back by singing even louder, “WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!”  I laughed out loud as he was trying to put on a show for me in his own way.  It made my punishment from the Yoga Nazi bearable because of this moment that made me smile.  Thank goodness I got a picture of the boy.  I will think of him the next time I watch a Blackhawk’s game.

In the city of Chicago there are fireworks at Navy Pier twice a week in the summers beginning on Memorial Day ending on Labor Day.  After catching a great display from my window, I realized that it was the last fireworks display that I will see for the year since I will be in D.C. this weekend.  It is a sign of the end of summer which, I’m sure, makes all of us sad.  I will make sure that I thoroughly enjoy this last official weekend of summer!  At least I’m flying somewhere, although I wish it was an international flight. 

Here are some pictures from my day…

It’s the cute one on the left who rocked out Queen’s song!
Notice the Blackhawk’s t-shirt on him.

View from my Chicago window.

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