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Day 20 of a Month of Gratitude

Wow, another sunny day in Chicago with temperatures of up to 60 degrees! What a gift. Of course, I decided to go running even though my legs still felt heavy from the 6 miles I ran two days ago. When … Continue reading

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Day 2 of a Month of Gratitude

I couldn’t sleep last night. I received an official email from my employer stating that for the month of April (it is April already, isn’t it?) we wouldn’t be getting paid because of the extended 30 days of store closures. … Continue reading

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The Kiss of Tangier

I spent the last day in Tangier getting lost.  When I travel, I turn my iPhone off only allowing myself access to WiFi at the hotel and at restaurants.  It makes me truly appreciate the authenticity of the place by … Continue reading

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The Truth about London

Why is the truth so hard to deliver?  I have been struggling over writing about London.   Why?  Because I didn’t like London…at all.  In fact I didn’t just dislike it; I hated it.  I have never, ever disliked a … Continue reading

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The Purity of Love

Today is Valentine’s Day, and Love is on my mind.  Although I’m not in love with someone now, I have been in love, perhaps twice before.  My current love, Travel, is a far more passionate affair than the previous two.  … Continue reading

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Lost in Lima

Today is my first day in Lima, and I must say, I feel lost.  Not only that, I feel so very alone.  I am the only American here, it seems, and I am the only Asian, also.  On top of … Continue reading

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Solo Travel

As I am planning my next trip to Machu Picchu, I realized that I had not considered asking anyone to travel with me.  Ever since I started my solo travel a year ago, I kind of assume I will be … Continue reading

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Bucket or F*ck It List?

I am not feeling well for a second day in a row, and I did not go to work today.  When you’re at home with only the four walls (well, 3 walls plus an amazing view of the lake!) and … Continue reading

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It has been very difficult to write lately.  With Instagram and Twitter, as well as having an iPhone and iPad, I am addicted to instant gratification, as is the rest of the modern world.  In current times, it is becoming … Continue reading

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