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Day 26 of a Month of Gratitude

Wow. I can’t believe I’m waking up to the start of the seventh week of my isolation from COVID-19. It’s Sunday, and I’m waking up to partly cloudy skies which is a great relief from the past several days of … Continue reading

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As I have to get a copy of my college transcript for the application process of my Master’s degree, I was forced to look through some old boxes tonight for the hope of finding it.  Without luck, I found volumes … Continue reading

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Reflections of Prague…in pictures

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Jewish Prague, Klimt, The Dancing House–Good Bye Prague

I’m at my hotel room for a final night in Prague.  Nemo is right next to me while I’m typing away on the desk.  I want to thank the Hotel Maximilian for their generous hospitality, especially for Nemo’s company.  He … Continue reading

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Last Day in Prague

I woke up exhausted, not wanting to get out of bed.  But it’s my last day in Prague so I forced myself.  I was mistaken in thinking that it would be easier to write while traveling.  After wandering the streets … Continue reading

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About Prague, Prague Castle

There are too many things I want to write about.  Sometimes the best things about a place are things that happen during the trip as opposed to seeing the actual building or famous site.  I wish I could share everything … Continue reading

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The Ossuary at Kutna Hora

The pictures that you are about to see after you read this are not what you think they are.  They are NOT meant to be morbid, or scary, or just plain shocking.  The human bones from  40,000 people used to … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Prague

I am at the breakfast room at the Hotel Maximilian in Prague.  The decor is very bright, clean, modern, and mostly white.  I was greeted by Vilem, the smiling young man who brought me my fish yesterday.  He asked about … Continue reading

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Finding Nemo…in Prague

I’m in my Prague hotel room now after a long day of travel.  With a seven hour time difference plus a 12 hour travel time, along with getting to the airport at least two hours ahead, I am exhausted beyond … Continue reading

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I came across a disturbing yet fascinating find a month or two ago when I was researching for sightseeing ideas in Prague.  I almost don’t want to write about this now for the selfish reason of my wanting you to … Continue reading

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