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Day 19 of a Month of Gratitude

It’s such pleasure, again, to wake up to sunshine. I felt a little tired than normal from yesterday’s long run so I just wanted to stay in bed and read with the sun filtering through my windows. What a luxurious … Continue reading

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The Kiss of Tangier

I spent the last day in Tangier getting lost.  When I travel, I turn my iPhone off only allowing myself access to WiFi at the hotel and at restaurants.  It makes me truly appreciate the authenticity of the place by … Continue reading

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The Feast of Tangier

I will call him David.  I was supposed to meet David, the Moroccan doctor that I met the night before, at a bar called Morocco Club which was very close to my hotel in Tangier.  I was absolutely starving so … Continue reading

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My Love is Blue

I allowed myself enough time to have breakfast at my hotel before being picked up to go to Chefchaouen.  When in Morocco, you never want to miss breakfast because the presentation is beautiful.  But then again, every meal is beautiful.  … Continue reading

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The Intoxication of Tangier

While Mohamed Ali, my guide, was waiting for me downstairs, I thought I might be able to escape from him somehow by checking out my hotel’s rooftop deck.  I don’t know why I felt scared, so out of control that … Continue reading

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The Journey to Tangier

There are so many seemingly insignificant and mundane things in life, especially when traveling on a bus from one city to the next.  But if you are traveling as a solo female in another country as well as in another … Continue reading

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Of Tea and WanderLust

If I wrote about everything in my daily life that reminds me of travel, it would be impossible, and you would think I was absolutely crazy.  Almost every moment of my waking existence are thoughts about travel.  For example, every … Continue reading

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Good bye, Morocco

I disagree with Shakespeare….parting is NOT such sweet sorrow.  There is absolutely nothing sweet about a good bye.  For me saying good bye to a place feels like all the good byes of my entire lifetime befalling on me all … Continue reading

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Birthday in Marrakech

When I woke up the next morning, it was a my birthday, and I couldn’t believe it!  Waking up in Marrakech felt way too good to be real, almost surreal.  The weather was spectacular, and my first stop was at … Continue reading

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Marrakech Dreams

My kind Moroccan hosts continued to drive me through their beautiful country, stopping by the Todra Gorge and then continuing our ascent through the high Atlas Mountains.  It was  in these mountains, near sunset, being thrown about in the back … Continue reading

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