My plane mate on my flight to Miami before taking a connecting flight to Barcelona was a fidgety, hyper man.  I wondered why a man like him would be in a center seat as opposed to an aisle or a window.  I imagined his secretary punishing him, booking his flight and lying by telling him that the flight was full, and that the center seat was his only choice.  I imagine this because his phone rang and he answered it (right before takeoff), and I was a bit annoyed.  I judged too quickly, thinking that I was in for a very long flight with him next to me.  Of course, I was so very wrong in my assumption, thank goodness.  I wall call him, “Julio,” and he is a surgeon who lives in Miami, and he was in Chicago for a meeting.  As our flight was delayed for at least an hour and a half, with my connecting flight to Barcelona too close for comfort, I shared my anxiety with Julio.  He responded with a kind offering of his home in Miami in case I needed to stay overnight if I missed my flight.  (There are no direct flights from Chicago to Barcelona, by the way.  Also, I never missed a connecting flight before, and although I would see situations like this on the news, I could never imagine it happening to me).   Because Julio was so gracious and kind, I took to his liking.  Please don’t get excited thinking that this is another story like with the Turkish doctor–it isn’t.  Julio is a surgeon, married, with three beautiful kids as well as a dog, and he most likely lives in a gated community.  Of course, he’s much too stable for me, and I am certain he’s not attracted to the free spirited, on-the-go rebel like me.  Alas, our connection was there.  I understood him perfectly:  he had ADD, was super intelligent, and he was a master at his craft.  For about 2 1/2 hours I engaged him with my photos of Turkey (he’s never been), talked about travel in general, and then I showed him my pictures of Prague (again, he’s never been) with the bone chandelier from Kutna Hora that blew him away.  He asked me to email this to him as he wants to open one of his lectures with my pictures.  I was flattered, and I would be proud to do this.  When I asked him when his next lecture was, he said it was at the end of October.  I didn’t think of this then but I hope he reads this blog and takes my suggestion from my wild imagination of the following:  Julio is dressed in a skeleton costume in honor of Halloween as he enters the lecture/meeting space.  The crowd full of surgeons all look up, never having witnessed such peculiarity during a business event.  Then Julio says to the room, “What, you’ve never seen a skeleton before?”  He has the crowd’s attention.  Then Julio says, “Have you ever seen a chandelier made of human bones before?” Silence.  The projector screen reveals the picture of the human bones that I witnessed in Kutna Hora.  I am sure seeing it on a large screen would be more than amazing as even Julio thought seeing it on just my laptop was eerie, spooky, and uber cool!  This would surely get the attention of a roomful of surgeons who only allow 20 minutes for lectures as they are a highly intelligent bunch with short attention spans.  I can’t wait to email the pictures to him, and I can’t wait to hear the outcome…

Now, the bad news.  I missed my connecting flight.  I repeat:  I missed my connecting flight to Barcelona!   As I ran (and I do mean, RAN) toward the next gate, I looked at the monitor and saw that my flight already took off.  The strange thing was, I couldn’t understand why as most people on the flight were all going on connecting flights.  One would think that American Airlines would alert all the other flights that would affect connecting flights, especially since it was THEIR fault that the plane was delayed twice, and maybe delay the plane for just a few minutes to allow the connecting passengers on board.  Oh, and the kicker was that my connecting flight took off just 4 minutes EARLY for some strange reason, and I would have made the flight if it was (God forbid) ON TIME!  WTF! 

Well, now what, you ask?  It will take another blog post to explain.  Stay tuned…

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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