“Have Fun in Barcelona.”

I tried very hard to write last night but all I could do was stare at my screen.  It didn’t help that I couldn’t stop crying.  My day started beautifully:  I had brunch at Fred’s with a friend who is getting married next weekend.  She will be gorgeously draped in  a Vera Wang gown with her gorgeous husband-to-be.  Then, she will be whisked away to the Amalfi Coast on her honeymoon.  A fairy tale vision, right?  Yes, indeed.  But then after I said good bye to my friend, I got a voicemail.  It was my colleague, a man I have known for 12 years who is dying from melanoma.  What’s strange is that I decided that I wasn’t going to visit him after sending him a text  a few days ago and getting a strange response, which I thought meant that he didn’t want me to visit him.  Knowing that I would probably miss the news of his death as well as his funeral while I’m in Barcelona made me feel guilty, sad, whatever.  So I returned his call and he answered, and I told him I would visit him.  He sounded VERY upbeat, whereas before, I was told that he was pretty far out there as he was on hourly morphine doses.  So off I went to visit him at the hospice center.  The elevator that I had to take seemed like miles away from the check-in desk for some reason, and because there was absolutely no one at all in the halls, I felt like I was in some horror movie where I get killed somehow.  Strange, I know, but that’s how it felt. When I entered the room, I did not recognize my colleague.  A nice looking man who is 51 years old who always looked 10 years younger, my friend now was a bald man, gaunt, expressionless, who looked close to 100 years old.  No lie.  No exaggeration.  Thank goodness his sister and his friend were there because otherwise, I would have lost it right in front of him.   The good thing was, he was very alert and aware.  It was good to just catch up, and I’m so glad I sat with him.  I even watched him eat his dinner. After visiting for some time, he signaled for everyone to leave the room as he was very tired and needed his rest.  I gave him a hug trying to not disturb the tubes running alongside of him.  As I turned away, my friend said, “Have fun in Barcelona.”

Yes, I will absolutely, most definitely HAVE FUN IN BARCELONA.  The visit with my dying friend further ignites my passion for more travel.  I want to do all that I can while I still can.  As my friend can tell you, life is SO very short.  Yes, to LIFE.  Yes, to TRAVEL.  Yes.  My flight leaves in 12 hours! 

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I took a solo trip to Istanbul in May, 2012 that changed me forever. It started my passion for travel, and it also ignited my passion for photography. This blog was created to express and appreciate the beauty of life through my travels.
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