Donde Esta?

So I was redirected from my missed flight to Barcelona.  I had to fly to London and then take yet ANOTHER flight to Barcelona.  By now it was raining pretty hard in Miami, and I was in fear that the plane would be delayed yet again.  I wanted to call Julio but only for sympathy.  I felt pretty damn sad at this point.  I was angry, tired, and just felt depressed.  I considered for a split second of turning back home.  Taking the flight to London before landing in Barcelona meant that I would land about five hours behind my original flight time.  In my head I equated it to a half day’s worth of sightseeing so I guess it wasn’t that bad.  However, I worried about my luggage.  I didn’t know how the baggage system worked.  Since I missed my connecting flight, and although the customer service agent asked me what my baggage looked like so she can redirect it (via phone as the line at the airport was S-L-O-W), I didn’t quite understand the logistics of the whole process.  I was too tired to think about, though, and just let it be. 

My flight from Miami to London was on time, thank goodness, and I had the luxury of sitting all by myself on the first exit row which meant that I had a lot of leg room, as well as not having anyone sit next to me.  This was a luxury!  I tried my best to sleep through the flight as I lost 5 hours of time for the missed flight fiasco, and I wanted to be full of energy on my first day in Barcelona.  However, when I landed, my luggage was nowhere to be found…


                              Over the mountains…                                                  Over the sea…

Where could my luggage be???

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