Barcelona on Foot

The best way to explore a city, I believe, is on foot.  How else can I get the true flavor of the city as well as discover and see things that I haven’t seen before?  I love seeing what’s on people’s balconies in Europe, for example, as they are full of plants, their national flag, or even a red and white polka dot dress drying under the sun, which is what I saw today across from the Palau de la Musica Catalana.  This is the prime concert venue (even today) designed by Lluis Domenech i Montaner which epitomizes the Art Nouveau movement.  Of course, while walking around there, I discovered a fish spa that I heard about on the radio station I listen to in Chicago.  So they have a pedicure station that is an actual fish tank as the foot tub where the fish (they don’t have teeth) nibble on all your dead, rough skin as the treatment!  When I walked in, intrigued, there were two guys that just got their pedicures, and both of them were repeat customers and highly recommended it.  I couldn’t wait to return later to try this!  I didn’t have time because I really wanted to go to the Picasso Museum, and since I only had one more additional day left in Barcelona, I couldn’t risk not seeing the numerous Picasso’s. When I got there, though, I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t take any photos at all of all the wonderful works of art that opened up my eyes to so many different mediums that Picasso worked on.

While wandering through the Gothic Quarter I heard the sound of a beautiful violin so I just allowed my ears to lead as well as follow.  There, a Romanian man was playing his violin so beautifully that he made me cry.  It’s not just the music that makes me cry–its the fact that a talented artist has to play in the streets for coins instead of playing in concert halls, especially after training and learning in music schools.   Of course, I bought his CD and I can’t wait to play it back home. 

After walking through the rest of the Gothic Quarter it was dark, and I was hungry.  Fortunately, there are numerous kinds of tapas as well as other restaurants all around the entire city of Barcelona.  Lucky me.  I came across a dessert shop that had the sweetest tasting chestnuts that I’ve ever had .  Whoa.  I had 2 large chestnuts as well as 2 dark chocolate pieces covered in different kinds of nuts…all in one sitting.  And this was BEFORE dinner!  Then I walked into a tapas place where I had the best potato salad, again, of my entire life!  I’m picky about having too much mayonnaise, and this one had very little.  It was so good that I had to order two orders.  This was a lot considering one order had three scoops (picture three scoops of ice cream).  I finished with two glasses of wine as well as some squid over roasted vegetables prepared in squid ink.  I will miss Barcelona’s food when I return to Chicago…

It is well past 11 pm (early for Barcelona) but I’ve been on my feet for at least 12 hours.  I am so exhausted that my back and feet hurt from walking all day.  When I wake up tomorrow, I will look forward to doing this all over again with different Barcelona sights to see as well as discover.

Inside the Palau de la Musica Catalana. 
They support ALL kinds of music, not just classical.

Who doesn’t love motorcycles?

Strange as it may, I wanted to bring
this skull back home with me.  His left
foot is on top of another skull!
But he was too big and too expensive.

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