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Bali LifeI am in Bali.  My first trip of the year and my first day in Bali was certainly an adventure.  It rained all day.  Pouring but I didn’t care.  Somehow I ended up going with another woman from the hotel toward the waterfalls.  We stopped at a temple on the way where I captured the above picture.  The trek was about two hours in a car in the rain on a winding road.  Then we had to walk about 30 minutes including some steep sets of stairs.  It was a bit dangerous in my opinion but I was excited as well as a bit angry that I was doing this trek.  I’m not sure why the anger.  It’s probably because I was mad at myself for going along when I wanted to be resting after a ridiculously long flight without much sleep.  But, in hindsight, I was really glad I did it.  Along the walk toward the waterfalls I smelled the wonderful fresh air, something that I wasn’t used to in Chicago.  It felt great.  Being surrounded by the lush greenery with vistas of the grand beauty of Mother Nature felt healing, nourishing, and spiritual.  Then I actually saw a rice terrace along with a farmer down below, and I wanted to get closer but I couldn’t.  My day at a rice terrace will have to wait as I had to go along with the others toward the waterfalls.  When we finally arrived, I was still a bit angry as I had to walk knee deep across the river (I had long Lulu Lemon pants on), taking my shoes and socks off to borrow my guide’s flip flops so I wouldn’t hurt myself with jagged rocks or who knows what at the bottom of the river.  I was grossed out that I was borrowing his flip flops but at the same time I was so, so grateful at his kindness.  The Balinese are very kind and friendly, and I truly felt lucky that he offered his flip flops.

When we reached the waterfalls, I wasn’t impressed for some reason.  Probably because I was still a bit angry (LOL) at the difficult trek that I wasn’t prepared for, along with my wet clothes, and my damp spirit (another LOL)!  I am laughing, of course, as I write this because my day was actually amazing!  But sometimes when we are immersed in something , we don’t realize at the time and can’t appreciate things until after we reflect on the day.  So as I write this on the morning after this took place, I am so grateful for the other solo traveler at my hotel who asked me to come along.  And for our two guides from my hotel who were kind, gracious, funny, and just simply amazing!  I am humbled.

It is 7 am here in Bali.  My second day of adventure awaits me.  I have no idea yet what I am doing.  I will go have breakfast and ponder.  I can’t wait…

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