Jewish Prague, Klimt, The Dancing House–Good Bye Prague

I’m at my hotel room for a final night in Prague.  Nemo is right next to me while I’m typing away on the desk.  I want to thank the Hotel Maximilian for their generous hospitality, especially for Nemo’s company.  He is the most gorgeous of them all (as I saw the others in their lobby) as he has really long “eyelashes!”  So maybe Nemo is a girl???  I hope not as I prefer boys!  Not sure how you tell the sex so I’d better keep writing.  If I wasn’t flying back to Chicago, I would ask them permission to take Nemo with me.  Oh, well.  It’s past 11 pm and I’m hoping to be asleep by midnight so I can can have a quick breakfast at 6:30 am (and say good bye to Vilem, although I’m not sure if he’ll be there that early).  I will be driven to the airport at 7 am so I can fly to Amsterdam, and then back to Chicago.  I’m exhausted thinking about it…

I went to the Jewish Museum today which was right near my hotel.  The Spanish Synagogue was the first stop, and it was spectacular.  It’s beauty reminded me of what I saw in Istanbul, especially because of its Moorish style.  I felt guilty for taking pleasure in its beauty because of my thoughts of Turkey.  I desperately wanted to take a picture but no pictures were allowed in the entire museum, except at the Jewish Cemetery.  Then, at the Pinkas Synagogue,  I saw children’s drawings from the Terezin concentration camp where I had to wipe off tears as I am doing now as I write this.  In addition, I saw 80,000 names of the Holocaust victims written on the synagogue walls.  As if this wasn’t enough on my heavy heart, the Old Jewish Cemetery could not be ignored.  Here, the dead had to be buried on top of one another up to ten layers deep with over 100,000 Jews with only 12,000 tombstones.  Wow.  It is hard to even write this although I only witnessed this a few hours ago.

Then, I went to the National Gallery in Prague to finally see, Gustav Klimt’s art.  I have never seen his work in person as most of his art is in Vienna, a place I dreamed of visiting back in college when I learned about him.  Lucky me, I thought, as Klimt didn’t enter my mind on this trip because I didn’t have enough time to plan, only buying a guidebook a few days before my departure.  When I walked into the room, it took my breath away.  I have pictures!

My final stop was the Dancing House, nicknamed “Fred & Ginger” as it resembles two dancers.  When I got there, though, I was sad that it was closed!  However, I did get an opportunity to take some pictures so I guess it was okay. 

Then, the final event of the night which happened just now is that I got an email from the Turkish doctor.  Our exchange has been infrequent at best.  He wants to call me via Skype, but I’m not sure if this means video chatting or just talking.  Talking to someone while looking at them on a computer/laptop is creepy to me, although I know it’s popular.  It’s just not my thing. 

Well, it’s about 10 pm and I must try to wind down before falling asleep.  Let me share some pictures from today…

The Old Jewish Cemetery

                                 Klimt’s VIRGIN                                                           Dancing House                                               Staggeringly beautiful!

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