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Little Blackhawk, Yoga, and Fireworks in Chicago

I have been lax lately in going to yoga so I looked forward to being punished by the “Yoga Nazi.”  She has no idea that this is how I refer to her.  I am sure that if I shared this … Continue reading

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Chicago is…a place for travelers, too!

I woke up to a picture perfect Monday which was a great welcome after yesterday’s rain drenched Sunday.  The beautiful weather instilled a desire to go to Millennium Park to take a picture of “The Bean,” which I have been … Continue reading

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Why I Travel…

I stopped by a store today and saw beautiful candle holders, crystal, porcelain, as well as other innumerable items for decorating the home.  I considered buying a gorgeous candle holder but then stopped myself as I thought about the recent … Continue reading

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As I flipped through the news pages of Google today, I noticed a picture that looked exactly  like the one from my photo album.  I wondered why “my” picture of the Hagia Sophia was being used for an article.   … Continue reading

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As I have to get a copy of my college transcript for the application process of my Master’s degree, I was forced to look through some old boxes tonight for the hope of finding it.  Without luck, I found volumes … Continue reading

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Petra must wait…

I found out just a few hours ago that I’m not going to Petra.  I’m thoroughly depressed.  I had a gut feeling about this way back even when I was told I was going.  To take my mind off this … Continue reading

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Going Home to D.C.

I bought my plane ticket to go visit my mom in D.C.   I am flying out on September 1st for the Labor Day weekend.  For some reason, I want to do do the tourist thing by going to the Washington … Continue reading

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Reflections of Prague…in pictures

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Wanderlust Defined…

As I had to fly to Amsterdam from Prague, I wondered why I didn’t make a trip out of visiting the Netherlands.  I know, I know…I can’t travel 24/7!  I was glad to visit the Amsterdam airport, though, as it … Continue reading

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Jewish Prague, Klimt, The Dancing House–Good Bye Prague

I’m at my hotel room for a final night in Prague.  Nemo is right next to me while I’m typing away on the desk.  I want to thank the Hotel Maximilian for their generous hospitality, especially for Nemo’s company.  He … Continue reading

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