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Petra (means “stone” in Greek) is located in Jordan, and it is famous for its rock-cut architecture.  When I mention Petra, most people do not know where it is.  When I describe it to others, I ask them to picture … Continue reading

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Boots for Petra

I found my footwear for Petra.  They’re boots so they will, for sure, keep all the gravel and sand out.  I still can’t say that my camel ride will be easy because these boots have a circular buckle on the … Continue reading

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Dream of Luggage

I had a bad dream, I think.  I believe I’m in fear of not going to Petra.  I’m not used to relying on others and following their lead, as I must do with this trip since I have to wait … Continue reading

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No Choo’s?

I have a terrible confession to make about traveling to historical places like Petra.  I have to wear comfortable, sensible shoes…AND I DON’T WANT TO!  As I was told I must wear closed toe shoes that will withstand all the … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero…Guitar Vacation

I woke up and immediately called Lakeshore Athletic Club on Stetson, the last place I climbed the indoor rock.  I was sad at the news that they were closed and out of business.  It would take too much effort, I … Continue reading

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PTTW (Post Traumatic Travel Withdrawal)

I can’t sleep.  I had dinner with a friend tonight and we shared our travel stories.  She went to Israel for two weeks with a quick stop to Petra.  Knowing that I was going to Petra in October, my friend … Continue reading

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So I have a problem.  I have a bad case of wanderlust.  When I came back from Turkey two months ago, I immediately got a new piece of Tumi luggage (I already have 2 Tumi’s), an adapter set from Henri … Continue reading

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The 1001 Nights-Part 2

So I did something crazy, driven by desire.  (No, it doesn’t involve a man.)  I decided one day, specifically on July 12, that I MUST see this great work of art,  Matisse’s THE 1001 NIGHTS, in person.  July 15 was … Continue reading

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The 1001 Nights-Part 1

Before my trip to Turkey I came across an article about Henri Matisse.  Of course, most people can recognize his art, but what drew me to the article was pertaining to a particular piece that he worked on in the … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Turkey

I’m not sure how I actually got on the plane back to Chicago.  It’s a blur.  I guess I was traumatized as I have to think really hard about the night before and the morning of my departure from Istanbul.  … Continue reading

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