Wanderlust Bust

When you are addicted to travel, you get so excited that sometimes, you neglect or forget small details.  The only thing that matters is securing the airfare and hotel; all other small matters can be ironed out when you get there.  So after paying GlobeAware $1,200.00 to volunteer for the Cambodia program, I decided to go to Thailand since it was so close.  I wanted to go to Vietnam, too, but I simply didn’t have enough vacation time left as I used up all my time last year with three international trips.  I had my travel route mapped out thus:  I would fly from Chicago to Seoul, catch a plane to Phnom Penh, stay there a couple of days, then catch a flight to Siem Reap to volunteer with GlobeAware, then fly to Bangkok for a couple of days (or three), then, finally, fly back to Chicago.  But when I added Bangkok (Siem Reap wasn’t available) to my weather app on my iPhone today, I saw temperatures of 97 degrees with clear sunny skies.  I swear I looked at the weather on line before committing to GlobeAware, but maybe I looked at so many different destinations (which I often do) that I was careless about this detail.  The intense weather might be okay for a person who likes the the heat and sun, but I am a girl who gets heat blisters from staying out in the sun for just a few minutes during the day.  I was hopeful, though, that the heat wave in Bangkok would be a temporary matter, and I was anxious to confirm it with my friend tonight who just came back from 4 weeks in Thailand.  As he showed me pictures, I saw women with parasols.  He said the heat was so intense and that I should buy UV protected umbrellas there.  He said that I shouldn’t be surprised if it reaches 100 degrees there, either.  Now, Cambodia has pretty much the same weather.  So when I had the following visions in my head, I knew I was SOL in having hopes of going to Southeast Asia in early March:  I hire a Cambodian to hold up an umbrella for me for shade while assembling wheelchairs.  As I’m being stared at by others, the GlobeAware guide kicks me out of the program as he thinks I’m too high maintenance,  and I am ridiculed.  Then, trying to make the best of the situation, I go to take pictures of Angkor Wat where I hold the umbrella by positioning it under my left shoulder and the left side of my head just so, and then while trying to take pictures, I drop my camera AND my umbrella which ends up poking someone’s eye out!  I get arrested for being disrespectful on such a sacred site.  They take my passport away, and I am forever damaged.  I am banned from traveling anywhere outside of the U.S.  OMG! 

So to keep the above scenario from happening, I had to gracefully decide to postpone my Southeast Asia trip until December or next January since the weather will be cooler.  I already contacted GlobeAware and I have one year to re book my volunteer trip.  Of course, I’m distraught over my delayed trip, especially since I already contacted a couple of friends to meet me in Cambodia.  As the prayer goes, “God’s delays are not God’s denials.”  The visions in my head of the gorgeous orange-colored monk’s robes against the backdrop of the temples of Angkor Wat brings tears to my eyes as I know I will have to wait almost a year to fulfill my Bucket List dreams.  I guess I should consider myself lucky that I didn’t purchase my airfare; they were from two different carriers, too.  Whew!

I will now relieve my sadness and despair by looking at other places to travel to in March.  It will be a long night with my travel app on my iPad…


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