Volunteer Vacation Begins

I’m not sure what inspired me to take a volunteer vacation.  I think I read an article somewhere where the writer was so convincing, and the location so exotic or beautiful, that it stuck with me, and I hoped that I would someday check it off as a bucket list to do item.  This is the reason for my Peru trip.  I would be given an opportunity to visit Machu Picchu in exchange for giving my time and money to an organization called Globe Aware.  On Saturday, August 24, I took a flight from Lima to Cusco so I could volunteer for one week and help some of the children of Peru.  In addition, there would be a cultural immersion as well since I would be staying inside the dormitory-like home and living with the Peruvian coordinator and a cook, with all meals provided.  I would have to work with other volunteers which could include duties such as:  painting, cleaning, sanding, and helping kids with their homework or their English.  Since I’m giving up all the comforts of home (or a nice hotel) for an entire week without a clear-cut agenda of daily activities, this would surely be an adventure!  

Here I come, Cusco…

LAN Peru flight from Lima to Cusco


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