Viva Italia!

The weather in Rome on Wednesday, yesterday, was awful.  My umbrella flipped over many times as it was VERY windy, and for a minute I thought that I was in Chicago.  As miserable and cold as it was, without having a heavier coat, I kept pushing myself to walk all around instead of staying in my hotel room under the warm covers.  I went back to the Spanish Steps and this time, it looked beautiful, although the weather was not.  I think having colorful umbrellas around as well as having daylight helped. 

I was moved by the Pantheon as it was built in 126 AD.  As I mentioned before, seeing something that is almost 2,000 years old makes you feel something that I cannot accurately describe in words.  I always wonder at the marvels of architecture of antiquity because there is a sense of connection I feel.  Again, it’s something that I simply cannot express in words.

Last night I had my best meal so far in Rome at a place called Matricianella.  I never had ravioli that was so large (each piece was at least  3″ x 3″) and so damn amazing.  I know I will never have this in Chicago.  Then, the dessert, was a masterpiece.  It was a whole poached pear, poached in vanilla, with warm Callebaut chocolate draped on top.  It was mouth watering!  I went to bed ridiculously satisfied…

Today was far better for weather as I started my day off at the Borghese Gallery.  Unfortunately, because I was spoiled by seeing Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, I wasn’t that impressed.  I was so very eager to see Bernini’s APOLLO AND DAPHNE as well as PLUTO AND PROSERPINA that I regretted seeing Michelangelo first.  I realize, of course, that this isn’t a fair comparison.  But sometimes you cannot help the way you feel.  Nor can you expect HOW you’re going to react until the moment you’re in front of the art/architecture, which leads me to the next delight…

I was in a cab with the most gorgeous man I have ever seen.  I don’t know why he wasn’t on the pages of MEN’S HEALTH, but I was glad he wasn’t.  As I honestly couldn’t keep my eyes off of him, I was glad (I think he noticed my staring so I was embarrassed) he dropped me off by a taxi near my next sightseeing  adventure, The Colosseum.  When I saw the wonder, I was smiling from ear to ear as it was breathtaking to me.  I actually felt “weird” for smiling so much!  I didn’t expect this reaction as the structure is so iconic.  But being in the space and knowing that it was built between 70-80 AD and envisioning the gladiators in battle, it was…again…WHOA.  No words can describe the feeling unless you experience it yourself.  Therefore, TRAVEL! 

Of course, as I am writing this at almost 1:00 a.m. in Rome, I will go to bed dreaming about what I will do tomorrow.  Viva Italia!

The Pantheon
Huge marble foot at
Borghese Gallery.

The Colosseum.

A modern masterpiece.

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