I can soon cross off “Finish reading Dante’s DIVINE COMEDY” from my Bucket List since I started reading PARADISO last week.  I have been consuming myself with all things Italian, and I will continue to do so as I count down toward my trip to Italy.  It will be 27 days before I fly out to Rome! 

Last week my Italian instructor (a.k.a. the Italian Dragon) made me a delicious meal with Paccheri pasta.  The sauce had black olives as well as fresh capers delivered to him straight from Italy.  The Italian capers were plump and tasted different from what I was used to.  With fresh grated cheese on top, I must say, it was, indeed, paradiso!  I brought a bottle of a Nebbiolo which turned out to be a delicious enhancement to our meal, and we topped off our dinner with two flavors of gelato: lemon and cabernet. 

Two days later my friend took me for dinner at Pelago Ristorante.  He made this reservation over two weeks prior to our dinner so my obsession with all things Italian was fortuitous.  We both enjoyed the trio of the pasta appetizer and I wondered why this was never offered to me before at other Italian restaurants.  We both ended up having Dentice (I never had this fish before) served over scalloped potatoes.  Wow!  Everything was absolutely divine, especially by finishing with a dessert of a trio of gelato.

I truly felt like I have been living in paradise this past week.  Besides the above mentioned experiences, my colleague at work took me to lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab.  He owed me a lunch (long story).  I had the stone crab bisque, mushroom stuffed sole with poached lobster, the Jennie’s mashed potatoes, and for dessert, the peanut butter pie with an Oreo crust!  OMG! 

As if these three amazing experiences  were not enough which took place within three days, I was at a SuperBowl party yesterday and I found out I won $375 in the SuperBowl square that I participated in at work!  My week was full of fantastic food, great wine, amazing dessert, and the generosity of friends.  If this isn’t paradise, I believe it’s what the Italians call, La Dolce Vita!

A nice pairing of
Nebbiolo and Paccheri




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