My Very Own March Madness

Today is the third day of March, and I’m in love with this month already.  It’s easy to fall in love when what preceded before it was so damn awful.  The month of February was absolutely terrible in terms of weather in Chicago, making it one of the worst winters of all time, if not THE worst.  I woke up to sub zero temperatures on many days, and I felt depressed often as my body used up resources just to try to stay warm.  It was hard for me to be social as all I wanted to do was just stay inside and keep warm.  In addition, the many inches of snow, melting ugly and black, added gloom to my daily walk to work in the mornings.   Add the view of the frozen lake upon waking every morning and it was truly hard to imagine that March, and Spring, would ever arrive. 

Although not quite Spring, March is finally here, and I am supremely HAPPY!  Besides the advent of Spring’s sunshine and warmth, I will be falling in love, for sure, with Morocco.  Because my native friend will be hosting me there, I haven’t done much research since I’m relying on her to show me her country.  Other than visiting Fes and Marrakech, I didn’t know what was on the agenda.   But yesterday my friend sent me an itinerary of my trip that she put together and, as I had to Google the places, I did have one particular vision which made me extremely happy…with tears even.  As I read her list, my mind traveled to each exotic place, each amazing day, and when I came to the part where one day we would be riding a camel in the Sahara desert against the sand dunes, I cried.  Yes.  It seemed too surreal, too good to be true, and each day of my friend’s travel list played like an exotic, adventurous movie or a fantastic novel in my mind.  In addition to each amazing day, I will be spending my actual birthday in Marrakech!  This blows my mind, really.  I truly feel like I’m the luckiest girl alive right now!

But then I remembered (lucky me) that I’m ending this month of March with another trip to a warm climate.  My company is sending me to San Diego and I’m actually being paid for it.  I guess I can say that I have my very own version of March Madness in my life.  Marching on feels so, so good…

The countdown to Morocco is ON!

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