La Dolce Vita

I miss waking up at the Hotel Demetra in Rome.  I miss being greeted on my way to breakfast by the smiling Lorenzo.  I liked the way he stood up from his desk, tall, when saying “Buon giorno!” I also liked seeing him in his 3 piece suits, a rarity in the U.S.  I wish I saved the maps that he marked with a big, black Sharpie so I could easily see the routes that I should take.  Instead, in a hurry to pack in the morning, I threw them all away.  A big mistake as the map was a nice, colorful display of Rome, and it would have been a great momento of my trip.  I also miss saying good night to Nicola, the adorable young man who greeted me most nights after sightseeing all day.  When I returned to my hotel room and he wasn’t there, I was always disappointed.  On my last night after coming back from a late night dinner, I was crushed that we didn’t get to say good bye.  Luckily, he tweeted me, and I felt much better.  He is going to Japan, his travel dream, in 4 days, and we connected because he, too, was nervous about his trip just as I was about Italy.  I hope he has the trip of his lifetime.

As I am poring over my souvenirs this morning, I wish I was still in Italy, of course. I would be experiencing La Dolce Vita…I would be seeing glorious art and architecture, eating divine food, tasting multiple gelato flavors, drinking wine, taking pictures, exploring the neighborhoods, and just enjoying life.  Period. They say that a lifetime is not enough to see Italy, and now I understand…completely.  A week in Rome with a day trip to Florence was ridiculously short.  I feel like it never happened and that it was a dream because time just went by so, so quickly.  When I woke up this morning, I cried…again.  I miss Italy and La Dolce Vita…

A view from the Capitoline Hill

Dolce! Dolce! Dolce!

A view from a window inside the Uffizi
across the Arno River. 

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